“Jerusalem 3D” Film Premiere in London

My wife Kathleen and I are excited to have been invited by Taran Davies to attend the Jerusalem 3D Premiere in the iMax cinema in London this Wednesday, the 15th of January, 2014. Taran Davies is co-producer with George Duffield and Daniel Ferguson is the director.

Josh Glancy wrote in today’s Sunday Times:

“The documentary follows a trio of teenage girls from the three faiths that have their home in Jerusalem: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Despite their different religions, they seem to experience the city in strangely similar ways. They live within minutes of each other, but their paths never cross.

Their stories are woven around an extraordinary portrayal of perhaps the world’s most religious and contested city at its most fervent. The 45-minute film has sold out at Washington’s Smithsonian Institution and has now been booked to play at cinemas and museums around the wold. It opens at London’s iMax cinema in Waterloo this week.”

“The crew weren’t allowed to put a camera on the Western Wall, but they persuaded the Israelis to let them erect a crane on the roof of a nearby police station that allowed them to capture the bobbing, shawl-covered masses below during Passover prayers.” Duffield added: “You had a camera the size of a small car directly over the middle of the Western Wall plaza. But we didn’t disturb anyone – they were so enraptured they didn’t look up.” Photo: George Duffield

In a previous post we mentioned that we have been involved with the making of three digital reconstructions, of Herod’s Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Golgotha. Although we have been in contact via email and other digital media, it will be interesting to meet some members of the team in person.

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