Way to Golgotha

Our classic reconstruction drawing “Jerusalem in 30 A.D.” has been used as a base on which to show the Way to Golgotha. Five stages in Christ’s last journey can be identified, beginning at Gethsemane and culminating at either of the two sites identified as the place of the empty tomb.

The Way to Golgotha in Jerusalem

Feedback from customers who have purchased our new CD Volume 2: “Jerusalem in the time of Christ,” has been very positive, indicating that you have found it a really useful aid in understanding and teaching this topic. You can see a taster below of the final slide in the set. It shows the culmination of … Continue reading “The Way to Golgotha in Jerusalem”

The Story of the Ritmeyer Image Library

Having recently updated our Image Library with about 40 new illustrations, we have received enquiries as to how this online resource came into being. As its creation was a process that took many years, you may be interested to read its story. We were privileged to live in Israel for a long time, so most … Continue reading “The Story of the Ritmeyer Image Library”

Jerusalem in the time of Christ – New CD-Rom

Conveniently timed to coincide with the beginning of the academic year, our new CD-Rom is now available. We promised to bring out our immensely popular slide set, “Jerusalem in 30 A.D.”, in digital format and we hope you will be pleased with the result. Re-named “Jerusalem in the time of Christ”, this CD has a … Continue reading “Jerusalem in the time of Christ – New CD-Rom”

“Jerusalem 3D” Film Premiere in London

My wife Kathleen and I are excited to have been invited by Taran Davies to attend the Jerusalem 3D Premiere in the iMax cinema in London this Wednesday, the 15th of January, 2014. Taran Davies is co-producer with George Duffield and Daniel Ferguson is the director. Josh Glancy wrote in today’s Sunday Times: “The documentary … Continue reading ““Jerusalem 3D” Film Premiere in London”

Has King Herod lost his claim to the Hippicus Tower?

Joe Lauer alerted me to two recent reports, one that announces that “King Herod has lost his claim to being the original contractor of certain ancient structures in the area” and another that reports about “Revelations of an ever-changing past”. From these reports I understand that archaeologists found an underground wall and intersecting aqueduct, both … Continue reading “Has King Herod lost his claim to the Hippicus Tower?”

Jerusalem – reconstruction drawings in the various periods

Our new line of downloadable images has proven to be very successful. It is a great way to download the reconstruction drawings or model images you need for your powerpoint presentation and you can have them immediately. And our clients are asking for more. The latest images available are reconstruction drawings of the City of … Continue reading “Jerusalem – reconstruction drawings in the various periods”